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Christine Galvin Design, Inc. is a custom website design and development company based in Hudson, Ohio. We specialize in creating professional websites and developing smart web applications. Not a lot of web companies excel at both design and development, but we do, and that’s what makes us different. Our designers understand how the web works, and our developers appreciate good aesthetics.

We're the perfect balance of  design & development.

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As a full-service web company we have the ability to create the web experience you've always wanted. We expect the best from our team members so we can create the best work for our clients. Visit our portfolio to view a sample of our latest work.

Who’s Who?

The Christine Galvin Design team includes some of the brightest minds in the web industry. So who’s responsible for designing websites? Solving complex problems? Supporting clients? Bringing designs to life? Click on each team member to learn who’s who at Christine Galvin Design.

Abby Millsaps Communications Director

Abby is the jack of all trades at Christine Galvin Design. If she’s not talking to clients she’s creating project timelines, preparing invoices or tweeting for the company. Abby holds an honors degree in communications from Mount Union and also provides copywriting, public relations and social media services to the company’s clients. She enjoys spending time with her husband David and their dog Luna as well as volunteering for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Sam Porchia Lead Developer

Every website and web application starts with a logical foundation. At Christine Galvin Design that foundation is Sam. Sam graduated from Ohio State University with a double major in Pure Mathematics and Philosophy. His expertise in enterprise-level PHP and Javascript help him develop elegant solutions and create superior functionality. When he’s not at work Sam is usually traveling, playing music, watching movies or catching up with friends.

Christine Galvin President & Designer

Christine is always focused on the big picture. In 1998 she combined her Visual Communication Design degree from Kent State University with her entrepreneurial spirit to start a web company unlike any other. She knew her company would be the perfect balance of design and development. Her English Bulldog, Dora, never leaves her side and comes to the office every day. Meet Dora.

dora between naps.

Rob Adams Back-End Developer

Rob likes to solve problems. Over the years his natural curiosity and desire to streamline business processes evolved into a passion for programming. Rob earned a computer science degree from Case Western Reserve University. Outside of work Rob can be found spending time with his wife and dog. Rob and his wife enjoy the Cleveland food scene and traveling.

Bill Hess Front-End Developer

Bill’s interest in web development was sparked while earning a Master of Fine Arts degree at Indiana University. His main focus is turning great designs into sites that work in the constantly changing landscape of the web. It's a visual and technical challenge that he truly enjoys. When he’s not at work Bill enjoys spending time with his wife exploring Ohio wineries and restaurants.

Dora Napper Extraordinaire

Dora is the official mascot of Christine Galvin Design, Inc. She is employed full-time with the company and has a work space (aka dog bed) underneath Christine’s desk. Her favorite part of her job is greeting Rodney the UPS man and taking mid-morning, late morning, early afternoon and mid-afternoon naps. When she’s not at work, Dora can be found playing with the Galvin children or riding around in the car with Christine.

dora between naps.


An exceptional team is just the beginning.

Explore our services to learn how we can bring out the best in your brand.

Website Design & Development

There are two key components to every website: the design and the development. A website has to look good and speak to the target audience, but it also has to work well and make sense to the user. Our design work is fresh, professional and inviting. Our development is smart, innovative and clean. What sets us apart from the competition is that we offer the full website package: custom design and expert development.

Every website we create is an original design that is coded by hand. A custom website is worth the investment because it guarantees you have complete control over the way a site looks and works. We design our sites with the latest web technologies and we follow strict best practices. We take the time to listen to our clients and then design and develop a custom solution to meet their needs. What sets our websites apart? Check out our portfolio for examples of our work.

Christine Galvin Design offers a custom Content Management System (CMS) to clients who want to update their own websites. Our CMS boasts an easy-to-use interface as well as real-time updating. Our CMS is a good choice for clients who require frequent updates. The upfront investment of a Content Management System can be an economic choice for clients who plan to change their website’s content often.

Web Applications

Web applications make tasks easier, increase productivity and help companies stand out from the competition. An online application can be anything that improves your business process. Custom web applications can facilitate data management, streamline internal processes, communicate with customers and ultimately save your company time and money.

Some of our web application projects were born from a simple idea. One client wanted to graph their data online. That project evolved into an enterprise-level application used to map, graph and manage landfill data around the country. Another client wanted to collect fan photos and create a mosaic out of the submissions. That project spawned two custom applications: one that helped customers upload, edit and submit an image and another that allowed them to find their photo in the completed mosaic.

The Christine Galvin Design team creates custom applications that allow you to take your productivity and your business to the next level. Some of our best custom web applications have come from seemingly impossible requests. If you have a problem, we can solve it.

Web Application Portfolio


As smart phones and tablets increase in popularity the demand for good mobile sites is higher than ever. At Christine Galvin Design we know that mobile is important. Every website we build is tested for accessibility on popular mobile devices. We also offer a dedicated mobile site service that allows you to create a mobile site with a unique design and mobile-specific functionality. We expertly develop mobile sites with usability and practicality in mind. Mobile optimization increases your site traffic because it allows your target audience to access your site wherever and whenever.

What is a mobile site? A dedicated mobile site is a version of your browser-based website that is designed and developed specifically for mobile devices. When we create mobile sites we consider the look, functionality, content and the way a user will interact with the site. We make sure to present your customers with the most important information in a way that makes sense when they’re on the go.

iPhone/iPad Apps

iPhone and iPad apps open up new avenues for your customers and have the potential to generate additional income for your business. iOS is the world's most advanced mobile operating system that powers iPhones and iPads. A great iOS app feels natural and makes sense. We build apps that are intuitive so users benefit from an integrated experience. Your customers know how to use their phone - that means they already know how to use your app. Native apps developed on iOS are available in Apple's App Store.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to iOS apps. You can manage data, sell products, increase productivity and deliver a rich experience on your customer's phone. Camera integration and location services are just a few of the ways iOS allows you to interact with your target audience on a deeper level. iOS apps are great solutions for businesses who already have a strong online presence. iPhone and iPad apps don't always have to be based on a business or organization - some of the world's most successful apps were based off a unique idea!

Christine Galvin Design is a members of Apple's iOS Developer Program. This allows us to develop custom iPhone and iPad software, publish to the App Store and reach millions of users.


Powerful, search-engine friendly content is what gives your website a voice. Incorporating clear content in a website helps establish and reinforce your online presence. Clients and potential customers should feel captivated when they read your content. By engaging users with your words you can increase sales, raise awareness and create advocates for your brand.

Christine Galvin Design’s copywriting offerings range from brand discovery meetings to editing services. Our copywriting is tailored to the needs of each client. We can write the content for your entire website or we can tweak your current messaging to make it the best it can be. We can also create and recommend content for print materials and social media.

Public Relations

Public relations is all about relationships: creating relationships with potential customers, strengthening relationships with existing clients and using media relationships to create awareness and increase visibility.

At Christine Galvin Design our public relations services range from writing and pitching press releases to media training for executives and brand reputation monitoring. Our public relations services allow you to reach the people who matter most. Our services can also help establish and enrich your company’s brand. All of our public relations services include custom reports that track visibility and success.

A recent public relations client wanted help marketing her fitness e-book. We drafted a press release as well as a quick tips fact sheet and distributed the information to targeted media publications. Our efforts resulted in multiple local placements, as well as regional coverage through an in-depth interview and photo shoot.

Social Media

Social media is about engaging a target audience in a casual, conversational way. It works for small businesses and it works for national brands. That’s the beauty of social media: every company can benefit. We know that social media can seem daunting, so let us show you how to utilize it effectively for your company.

At Christine Galvin Design we offer a range of social media services from custom design and setup to monitoring and tracking. We craft measurable social media campaigns based on your goals and budget, and we report our results in a way that makes sense.

Christine Galvin Design also offers a Social Media Power Hour to help you get started in the world of social media. During the Power Hour you will be exposed to various social media options and learn which platform works best to reach your target audience. You will also receive tips and strategies to help you grow your social presence. The Social Media Power Hour is designed to help clients delve into the social sphere without overextending their resources. Power Hours are best suited for clients who are new to social media or who have a specific goal in mind.

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Fresh ideas and expert development

make our websites the very best.

Client: Fan Mosaics

Description: Fan Mosaics is an entertainment company that creates unique mosaic prints from fan-submitted photos. When they launched their business they knew they needed a website that made a statement. The look and feel of their site is exciting: it’s like the user is at a concert. The central images on the homepage explain the Fan Mosaics process and the high-energy feel of the website communicates what Fan Mosaics is all about.


Client: The Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America (FMDSA)

Description: FMDSA wanted their new website to be a resource for people living with Fibromuscular Dysplasia. Together we created a logo and custom design for the non-profit organization. They knew they would have frequent updates, so we also installed our CMS into their site. FMDSA is proud to have a website that supports patients and raises funds for their cause.


Client: Fine Reflections Salons

Description: Fine Reflections Salons wanted a website that aligned with their philosophy of bringing out the natural beauty in their clients. Warm brown and honey tones make the website feel inviting. Bright pops of pink add a feminine touch. Pictures of both locations help position the salons as friendly and approachable.


Client: Hospice of Medina County

Description: Hospice of Medina County needed a new website that communicated their brand. HMC provides a variety of hospice and palliative care services, so we gave their website a special, comforting look and feel. The transitioning messages on the homepage speak directly to their target audiences. The “Share This Page” feature throughout the site allows users to send relevant information to family and friends.


Client: Lakeside Heritage Society Inc.

Description: The Lakeside Heritage Society is a non-profit organization focused on preserving the rich history of Lakeside, Ohio. The organization wanted a design that leaned on tradition and showcased the beauty of the culture they work so hard to preserve. This website is featured in many online galleries for outstanding design.


Client: Lou Ritenour Decorators Inc.

Description: Lou Ritenour Decorators has been in business for over 50 years. We were given the honor of designing their very first website. The company provides two very different services: industrial cleaning, painting and facility work and interior design. The challenge of this project was designing a website that effectively communicated both facets of their business. Both service areas are logically organized and easy to navigate. The website uses textured backgrounds to highlight the materials they use in their projects.


Client: Ratliff & Taylor

Description: Ratliff & Taylor provides talent management solutions around the world. The agency wanted their website to have global appeal. The dark palette and textured background gives the site a professional edge. The sharp black and white images on the homepage rollover to color. This effect emphasizes Ratliff & Taylor’s ability to transform the hiring, transition and retirement processes for its clients.


Client: Seton Catholic School

Description: Seton Catholic School is an independent K-8 Catholic school. Christine Galvin Design was responsible for the original website as well as the recent redesign. The design of the site is friendly and nurturing, just like the school itself. A password protected section of the website is available for families to privately view what’s going on in the school and classrooms. Our custom CMS allows the teachers to update their individual pages whenever they want.


Client: Wayne County Courts

Description: The court system in Wayne County needed an informational website. The design started with a portal page that links to each individual court site. The site’s clean design and logical navigation makes it an easy-to-use resource for the community. The site also boasts our custom CMS.


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